Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Williamstown destinations

Got an email from a bloke over that side who offered up a few new options. Mind you, none are $10 meals, but they are still cheap, so with that warning out of the way, here they are:

Steam Packet Hotel - $11.95 meals Mon/Tue/Wed

Morning Star Hotel - $13.95 meals Mon/Tue/Wed

Bettenays - $15 meals all week

Haven't got over there to check them out yet, if anyone else has feel free to comment.

$10 sunday roast at Pugg Mahones

We've been happy enough with the $10 Sunday Roast at Pugg Mahones (Cnr Drummond & Elgin St, Carlton) that we've been back there two Sundays running. Not just the roast, but the $5.50 pints of guiness and $5 pints of cider have called us there. Incidentally, an Irish friend has happily informed me that Pugg Mahones means "kiss my arse" or something like that in Gaelic which is a little entertaining.
Discovered this house of plenty by accident as we were strolling past one Sunday to attend a far pricier lunch elsewhere, and knew we had to come back for such bargain serves of everything that makes a Sunday lunch pleasurable.
Our first Sunday was spent there with a few friends, and nearly everyone ordered the roast.
The $10 roast comes without any choices, they do one variation each Sunday, and you get what you're given. Now, I'm not sure if it was because on the first Sunday we rocked up late, and the second Sunday we rocked up a few hours earlier, but one thing I did notice was a bit of a difference in portion sizes. We enjoyed a very good lamb roast on the first Sunday, but the serving was a little on the small side. So on our second Sunday visit (beef roast this time) we ordered a side of chips (mmm healthy) to go with our lunch. This time the portion was much bigger. Not sure yet whether this is because of the time of the day or what sort of roast it was. I would have thought the lamb roast was a more popular choice for the punters but then again we were there a few hours later so you never know. My partner in crime insists beef roast is more popular anyway, so you just can't be sure I suppose. Might ask the chef next time. Yes, we're planning on heading back there again. The pints of guiness and cider definitely add to the attraction of the place.
One thing we are planning (and I think this might have a little Seinfeld ring to it) is bringing our own condiments. They only serve their roast with gravy, and I like a bit of mint sauce with my lamb, and horseradish with my beef. I'm sure it will be the same story if they ever do a pork.
All things considered, we're happy with it and we're going back for more. We may have found ourselves a favourite Sunday haunt. Its not packed with people, there's sport on the telly, and the barstaff are friendly. Cheap pubgrub and booze too: What else could you want?