Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rathdowne Tavern - update - not a $10 steak anymore

It was my favourite place for a $10 steak - great food, came with a pot of beer - couldn't go wrong. But the financial crisis might have given the Rathdowne Tavern a nudge, folks. Popped in there last night to enjoy a steak and prices have edged up ever so slightly. 200g steak with roast vegies & gravy is now $12, 300g is $14, and they do a 400g as well. The pot of beer you get with your dinner improves the more you spend on your steak.

$2 isn't much, I guess, and it is still a great meal. Sad to see the financial crisis encroaching on my preferred steak chomping-ground, but happily its not enough to send me scurrying home in disgust.


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